Royal Bravada is a rock n roll band touring Tokyo, and we breakdown the Milan music scene compared to the Tokyo music scene. I learned a lot! These guys play balls to the wall rock, and that's why they are this week's guest. Co-Producer Credits go out to Apryl Peredo. She can book your tour. You are just one-click away from booking your Japan Tour.

In the introduction:
I have seen and heard a lot of people talking about North Korea recentely, and possible military action. There are very complex social relationships between Japan and Korea. There are 100,000s of ethnic Koreans in Japan that fall into separate sub-groups. I break down some of these sub-groups as a way to raise awareness about how the complex social relationships between China, Japan, Korea, and Russia will probably override miltary action. A little history goes a long way. Chongryong on Wikipedia.

BTW -- I have music that you can buy.

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