MBF 51 - DABWM 8

I reviewed a Mikkeller 20 IPA and a Vuur & Vlaam IPA and expanded on and introduced some Japan-related information, eh.

  • List of topics include:
    • Cleaning Noises; 
    • Prosecutors Apologize; 
    • Tech News: AI & Tracking; 
    • Kinlay Song (Website); 
    • Hanami; 
    • A rebuke regarding claims that I am homophobic; 
    • Japanese Cars for Womyn; 
    • Yukio Mishima & Philip Glass; 
    • Short History of Japanese Toilets; 
    • Japan Wanko Headline Reads (Website); 

Recommended to listen while walking. 

This podcast was recorded, edited, uploaded, hosted, written and produced by Matt Bigelow



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