We travel to Shinjuku where Thailand-based band Count the Thief sat down in front of a punk venue with me and we talked about their Japan tour. They are also the music guest. Apryl Peredo receives co-producer credit for this segment.

Variety Galore in today's episode!
In the intro I rant about what it's like to wake up to no coffee in the house while being threatened with nuclear war by our lovely neighbour -- North Korea.

After the interview I take a call from Japan-Korean relations analyst Max Von Schuler-Kobayashi where he gives the low-down on the current naval fleet heading to potentially bitch-slap North Korea.
Finally astrological technician Stephen Deg delves into his star-knowledge that perhaps explains how our on-the-brink-of-war socio-economic position may in fact be MANDATED BY THE STARS!
Like I said -- Variety Galore in today's Episode.
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Count the thief (Thailand-based Indie Band)

Apryl Peredo (Interldoru) (Music Manager, & Co-Producer of today's show

InterIdoru Artist Management; Fuchsia -- Overseas Bands In Japan

Max Von Schuler Kobayashi (Japan Korean Relations Analyst, Ex-Marine, Former Spy)

Stephen Deg (Astrological Expert, Musician)

Matt Bigelow (host)

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This podcast was hosted, recorded, uploaded, edited, written & produced by Matt Bigelow.


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