Nikolas Faraguna is a professional guitarist and model in Tokyo. Nikolas creates his own pedals and likes to hack guitars to make his own sound. He shreds, picks, and works his way through almost any genre you can throw at him.  He's also photogenic. We played as backing members in the Mana Hardcore Band, and today we set up a JamCast

A JamCast is an impromptu recording, where you, the listener, hears the sausage being made. This is not a sugar-pop experience for pre-teens. It's for those of us that know how the sausage is made, yet we still eat it anyways, with relish.

In the intro: Are humans being digitally replicated? Has the first digital virus struck humans? These well-intended questions are devled into on this week's podcast. Think about it -- our pockets are filled with digital patterns of ourselves on social platforms via our smart tech. And now that data is being amalgamated to be put to use. But to what use? These are questions I answer on my own behalf.  DIGITAL VIRUSES!

I also review "Children of Time" by Adrian Tchaikovsky. 

Nikolas Faraguna -->  Nikolas is free-lance model in Tokyo. He does good work. (also twitter)


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