Darryl Baker (Facebook) is a drummer and a golf instructor. In this podcast, we talk about neither of those things really. We mostly just laughed our balls off in a series of non-sequitors about living in New York, how the digital media is changing advertising, and TAINT SECRETS.

In the intro I offer alternative conversation points regarding the Google controversy of the engineer who suggested -- SUGGESTED -- that biology might be a reason why there are more men in tech than women. He got fired. My suggestions will lead to interesting derailments! Fact-based derailments. Please feel free to use them!  In the MSM, the term "he thinks women shouldn't be around computers" was spewed out like barfs from a drunks.  The quote is wrong. Totally wrong. 

Call for action!
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This podcast was written, produced, hosted, edited, researched, engineered, and uploaded by Matt Bigelow.

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