Until 2017, Bitcoin was a forbidden topic in Japan -- almost no one took it seriously. Wracked by scandals and a seemingly unwelcome currency, Bitcoin was shunned by the mainstream Japanese culture. But in 2017, that all changed when the Bank of Japan officially recognized Bitcoin not only as a legitimate currency, but also permissioned Bitcoin Exchanges in Japan. Since then, Bitcoin has been all the rage.
Cameron Lee runs an online store and was taking Bitcoin as a payment option. Since then, he has delved into the Bitcoin culture in Tokyo and has also taken an interest in Alt Coins.
That is what this podcast is about -- two people who sit down and exchange their information on Bitcoin. This is not an explanation of Bitcoin, or advocacy -- just two people exchanging their thoughts and intel on the world's leading cryptocurrency, as well as some of those other goofy altcoins.

This podcast is part 1 of 2. Tune in next time for a brief look at what They are telling, and not telling, you about IoT.

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